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Version 2.1 of the documentation is no longer actively maintained. The site that you are currently viewing is an archived snapshot. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.


Flux v1 to v2 migration and support timetable.
DateFlux 1Flux 2 CLIGOTK1
Oct 6, 2020Maintenance Mode
  • Flux 1 releases only include critical bug fixes (which don’t require changing Flux 1 architecture), and security patches (for OS packages, Go runtime, and kubectl). No new features
  • Existing projects encouraged to test migration to Flux 2 pre-releases in non-production
Development Mode
  • Working to finish parity with Flux 1
  • New projects encouraged to test Flux 2 pre-releases in non-production
All Alpha2
Feb 18, 2021Partial Migration Mode
  • Existing projects encouraged to migrate to v1beta1/v2beta1 if you only use those features (Flux 1 read-only mode, and Helm Operator)
  • Existing projects encouraged to test image automation Alpha in non-production
Feature ParityImage Automation Alpha. All others reached Feature Parity, Beta
June 30, 2021Superseded
Needs further testing, may get breaking changes
  • CLI needs further user testing during this migration period
All Beta, Production Ready3
  • All Flux 1 features stable and supported in Flux 2
  • Promoting Alpha versions to Beta makes this Production Ready
May 1, 2022Migration and security support only
  • Flux 1 releases only include security patches (no bug fixes)
  • Maintainers support users with migration to Flux 2 only, no longer with Flux 1 issues
Beta, Production ReadyAll Beta, Production Ready
November 1, 2022Archived
  • Flux 1 obsolete, no further releases or maintainer support
  • Flux 1 repo archived
  • helm-operator repo archived
Public release candidate, Production Ready
  • CLI commits to backwards compatibility moving forward
  • CLI follows kubectl style backwards compatibility support: +1 -1 MINOR version for server components (e.g., APIs, Controllers, validation webhooks)
All stable, Production Ready

  1. GOTK is shorthand for the GitOps Toolkit APIs and Controllers ↩︎

  2. Versioning: Flux 2 is a multi-service architecture, so requires a more complex explanation than Flux 1:

    • Flux 2 CLI follows Semantic Versioning scheme
    • The GitOps Toolkit APIs follow the Kubernetes API versioning pattern. See Roadmap for component versions.
    • These are coordinated for cross-compatibility: For each Flux 2 CLI tag, CLI and GOTK versions are end-to-end tested together, so you may safely upgrade from one MINOR/PATCH version to another.
  3. The GOTK Custom Resource Definitions which are at v1beta1, v1beta2, v2beta1 and v2beta2 and their controllers are considered stable and production ready. Going forward, breaking changes to the beta CRDs will be accompanied by a conversion mechanism. ↩︎